About Rock Steady Boxing Poway

At RSB Poway, we are making lives better through the sport of boxing. Yes, it sounds counter intuitive to think that a sport like boxing would better the lives of people with Parkinson’s. But, it does! Not only do we give you the tools to learn how to box correctly, we also give you a great workout, friendship, support, a wonderful community and most importantly WE MAKE IT FUN!

About Coach Brady
This is the gym where he first put on a pair of boxing gloves 12 years ago. After only 4 months of training he had his first smoker fight (unsanctioned amateur). After 5 smoker fights with a record of 3-2 he went on the start his amateur career. Finishing his amateur career with a record of 10-3. He followed his dream of turning professional. He would have 2 fights in the Southern California area and 2 fights in Las Vegas, where he would later retire with a record of 2 wins (2ko) and 2 losses. After 10 years of fighting and training, he found that his true passion was teaching. Nothing makes him happier than to be in the gym all day long yelling at people to push harder and dig deeper (and when we say yell, we really mean it, you can hear him from the parking lot on any given day). While in Las Vegas he became friends with a neurologist who introduced him to Rock Steady Boxing. Brady knew that with his energy and love of teaching the sport, Rock Steady was something that he needed to make available to the area. When you train with Brady, you will feel his passion and love for what he does. There really is nothing that makes him more proud than to see someone progress and do something they didn’t know they had in them.

I know my path in life, I am here to help people. I am here to give people the best chance at a healthy life they can have. - Brady Rein